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Realtor in Petah Tikva

GP Realty

Petah Tikva is a city located in the center of Israel, and it is known for its vibrant real estate market. The city has a diverse range of properties available, including apartments, houses, and commercial real estate. You can find properties in our website for sale or rent in various neighborhoods of Petah Tikva, such as far ganim gimel, em a moshavot, and neve gan. The prices of properties in Petah Tikva vary depending on the location, size, and condition of the property.

If you are interested in buying or renting real estate in Petah Tikva, you can start your search online by visiting our website and our agents will assist you with the most recommended properties.

Petah Tikva includes more than 33 neighborhoods. These include:

Amishav (עמישב)
Bar Yehuda (בר יהודה)
Bat Ganim (בת גנים)
Beilinson (בלינסון)
City Center (מרכז העיר)
Ein Ganim (עין גנים)
Hadar Ganim (הדר גנים)
Hadar HaMoshavot (הדר המושבות)
Kfar Avraham (כפר אברהם)
Kfar Ganim (כפר גנים)
Kiryat David Elazar (קרית דוד אליעזר)
Kiryat Alon (known previously as Fajja and Neve Kibush) (קרית אלון)
Kiryat Aryeh Industrial Zone (אזור תעשיה קרית אלון)
Kiryat Matalon (קרית מטלון)
Krol (קרול)
Neve Gan (נוה גן)
Neve Oz (נוה עוז)
New Hadar HaMoshavot (הדר מושבות החדש)
Ramat Siv Industrial Zone (אזור תעשיה רמת זיו)
Ramat Verber (רמת ורבר)
Sgula Industrial Zone (אזור תעשיה סגולה)
Sha'ariya (שעריה)
Shifer (שיפר)
Shikun Ahdut (שיכון אחדות)
Shikun HaPo'el HaMizrahi (שיכון הפועל המזרחי)
Tkuma (תקומה)
Tzameret Ganim (צמרת גנים)
Yoseftal (יוספטל)

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About us:

  • The company's goal is to provide the best results for all our customers

  • Professionalism - continuous learning and continuous development

  • Cooperation - with other real estate agencies in Petah Tikva

  • Communication - providing a sincere and honest professional answer

  • Priorities - protection of our clients' interests and legal purity of transactions

  • Creativity - to have the courage to think differently and dare to act differently

  • Innovation - the search for alternative solutions

  • Success - new clients who come to us by recommendations

Free consultation by phone: 054-7488803

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